The 100 Best Places to Meet Men

List of places to meet guys

Women constantly ask me, “Where would I even meet a guy?” as if they’re not around us every single day. Usually, women are so nervous to make themselves approachable to someone they are actually attracted to. Instead, they’ll smile to the guy next to him or someone they aren’t even attracted to because it’s the safe move.This is often a bigger hurdle than actually knowing where to meet men.

The biggest factor in meeting men is to actually be approachable this means you put your phone away, smile, make eye contact, and that you are receptive to his conversation.

Try spending a day being open to the idea that you can meet someone and watch your perception change. There are opportunities everywhere. I’ve met men at the grocery store, running errands, networking events, and even open mics.

Here is a list of places you could meet your next date:

  1. Networking events
    This is a great place to meet business professionals, entrepreneurs, and city official depending on the type of networking event you attend. Some cities even have singles networking events you can find them via Facebook events, Eventbrite, and
  2. Home Depot
    Hardware stores are notorious for being a place where people meet. Go buy some plants or finally get the hardware to fix that hinge. These stores are full of men who are working on home projects and happy to help you find what you’re looking for. If you need a reminder of what it feels like to be feminine dress cute and head over to buy a plant. I always leave Home Depot feeling more girly and soft.
  3. Barbershop
    Offer to take your nephew or godson to the barbershop, men are sitting there waiting for their haircuts. Stay grounded in your feminine energy and being receptive. Don’t join in boy talk, you aren’t one of the boys.
  4. Park
    Go to your local park or even a park across town for a walk, hike, or to shoot some hoops.
  5. The airport
    People wait for hours at the airport, we’re always looking for ways to entertain ourselves.
  6. The DMV
  7. Birthday parties
  8. Hotel bars or restaurants
  9. Alumni events
  10. Holiday parties
  11. Running clubs/events
  12. Concerts
  13. Toastmasters
  14. Fundraisers
  15. Weddings
  16. The racetracks
  17. Post office
  18. Dancing classes
  19. Galas
  20. Host a party
  21. Steakhouse bars
  22. Athletic teams or clubs
  23. Meetup Groups
  24. Singles Events
  25. Volunteering
  26. Men’s department stores
  27. Cigar bars
  28. Local Hikes
  29. Industry meetings
  30. Open mic nights
  31. Street fair
  32. Car wash
  33. Driving range
  34. Crossfit classes
  35. Grocery store
  36. The mechanic
  37. Happy hours
  38. Dog parks or beaches
  39. Sporting events
  40. Comic book expos
  41. The gym
  42. Coworking spaces
  43. Boozy Brunches
  44. The beach
  45. Community organizing
  46. Bike shop
  47. Art Walks
  48. Halloween party
  49. Co-ed sports league
  50. Theme parks
  51. School sports events
  52. Comedy clubs
  53. Personal development seminars
  54. Writing workshops
  55. Arcade bars
  56. Bowling
  57. BBQ’s at friends houses
  58. Fourth of July festivities
  59. Church
  60. Jiu-Jitsu
  61. Acting classes
  62. School reunions
  63. Community gardens
  64. Sailing club
  65. Food festivals
  66. Farmer’s market
  67. Boxing gym
  68. Obstacle course events
  69. House parties
  70. Bar Crawls
  71. Shooting range
  72. Photography class
  73. Social media
  74. Sports bar
  75. Coffee shop
  76. Bookstores
  77. Waiting rooms
  78. Cooking classes
  79. Maker Spaces
  80. Ski resorts
  81. Trivia night at a local bar
  82. Local readings
  83. Museum tours/talks
  84. Gallery openings
  85. Car shows
  86. Paintball courses
  87. Blood drive
  88. Rock climbing
  89. Laundromats
  90. Beer-making class
  91. Art exhibits
  92. Parades
  93. Scotch tasting
  94. Movie festivals
  95. Karaoke
  96. Book clubs
  97. Hospitals
  98. Music and art festival
  99. Host a party
  100. Anywhere you are happy