I'm Brandie Carlos (She/Her/Ella), I'm born and raised in East Los Angeles, California. I'm a Millennial First Gen Latina with strong Gen X influence (Thanks, Tia's!). I have a unique perspective because my first business was selling Mexican candy out of my backpack in first grade. Business was my first love. Since then I've created multiple businesses from scratch, been featured in Oprah magazine, and created Therapy for Latinx the first National Mental Health Directory for the Latinx community. The top questions people have for me are "How do I start an online business?", "What tech stack should I use?", "How do I hit six and seven figures in my business?". 


I'm Brandie an online business expert, speaker,
and mental health advocate

People around the world are building businesses with an internet connection, a laptop, and a lot of heart. It's breaking poverty cycles, creating a tangible way to take up space, and giving voice to people who never had a platform before. There is magic in it, I know first hand because the internet has opened doors for me I never could even imagine for myself.

Throughout the past 15 years I've supported businesses by managing their social media presence, building their website, email marketing, and everything in between. What has been so valuable about that time is that it has allowed me to see how all of these areas work together to create a cohesive and sustainable online business that can scale to multiple six and seven figures. The internet has become our great equalizer.

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My journey


Learned to code through Myspace and started customizing FB pages



Started Formation Digital Agency to provide Digital Marketing Services to small and local businesses


Became the youngest Director of Marketing for Century 21 Real Estate

Born and raised in East Los Angeles


Founded Therapy for Latinx the first National Latinx Mental Health Directory


Opened Con Confianza Tax Services and Camerashy Photobooths


Coached clients to over $2.5 million dollars in lifetime sales and got featured in Oprah magazine. Rebranded Formation as Herencia Studio


Became a makeup artist and worked on music videos weddings, and photoshoots. Used Social Media to network and attract clients.


Graduated from MITT Emotional Intelligence Leadership Program

I am first and foremost Genoveva's Granddaughter. I'm also the oldest of 7, a 3/5 Projector in Human Design. Capricorn Sun, Gemini Moon, and Pisces Rising. Mama to Samba a Chocolate Point Siamese. I saw Prince perform 5 times in concert. Most people don’t know that I love recreating restaurant recipes at home with a gluten free twist, I have an addiction to Architectural Digest, love taking road trips, and collecting books (522 and counting). I’m determined to show up as the best version of myself because I know that the internet is the great equalizer. It's a tool for activism, to create generational wealth, and a place where representation is no longer the minimum. This is what keeps me going and focused on my goals. 

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date: 05/22


Jenny Viveros

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Website Design

Website page speed optimization & maintenance

Online Business Coaching

Brandie brings so much clinical and business expertise to the table. Not only is she genuinely invested in seeing you flourish and grow, but she is consistent with continuing to be of support and provides transparency. She is in depth and has never not been able to answer a question I might have about my website, accessibility or business ideas. What I particularly love about Brandie is how accessible she is. Being on different marketing platforms, I’ve never been able to access a live person. I also can’t get feedback or discuss possible ideas with improving my profile, additional business ideas/services, etc. Brandie provides clarity, guidance and more. Brandie has been able to reassure me when self doubt kicks in. She continues to guide me with ideas on how to market myself and how to cultivate a website that best represents me. She provides immeasurable knowledge and kindness with her services, something that is of great value to me. I highly recommend Brandie for any and all marketing business ideas and services. She’s definitely one of a kind!  

Corazon y Aire




Latin Burlesque Branding

Web Design and Digital Course Creation

Online Business Coaching

Brandie, you’ve been a great support. I’d like to acknowledge some of the things that you’ve done and continue to do for me. You helped me shape my business and brand in ways I can never thank you enough for. You are my marketing genius, and I trust and value your opinion, advice and suggestions. You’re a great listener, and always available to help me work through issues or concerns.

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Navigating the online space leaves so many options for your tech stack. Learn which ones are my tried and true.