January Podcast: The Inner Boss Podcast with Jen Casey

Anyone that knows me, is very well aware of my podcast, books and TED talk obsession. To me they are the holy geek trinity that make my little corazon flutter. So naturally I’m always asking people what their favorite podcast are and which one they listen to that has impacted the way they live their lives. I’ve gotten alot of suggestions but one that I’m so glad I listened to, was a recommendation to check out Jen Casey’s The Inner Boss Podcast. 

Who is Jen Casey?

In 2014 Jen, was  working at a restaurant job she did not enjoy to say the least. One day things were so slow she asked her manager if she could go home early because she had nothing left to do. His response was for her to get on her knees and start scrubbing the floor.

I know, I’ll give you a moment to imagine what you would do. 

In this moment Jen had enough. This was the wake up call she needed to create change in her life. Being comfortable had finally become uncomfortable and she knew things had to be different. So she decided to get into network marketing. (I know this feels like a series of unfortunate events) Often times network marketing feels icky, numbers driven, and quite frankly annoying. I’ve blocked my fare share of network marketers on social media, too. 


Relentless, she worked long hours, like 14 hour days and was indeed booking coaching clients but quickly became overwhelmed with coaching so many people one on one and in group settings. It wasn’t feeling so good but she didn’t give up. After a few months she found what she calls the #1 tool for a business to have and that is *drumroll*


Jen had a few sudden realizations that led her to this point:

“1. I may have written down these goals, but they were never mine.

I was trading my sanity, feelings of worth, & precious moments of my life — (for what? To finally feel like I “made it”..?) To achieve arbitrary numbers set by someone else.

2. I was chasing things that no longer fed my soul.

Doing something just because you’ve done it for a long time & put a lot of energy into it — isn’t a good enough reason to stay in something that isn’t working for you. (It’s okay to change your mind!)

3. I wanted freedom, but I never stopped working.

I realized I wouldn’t emotionally survive another year, (or even a few months,) hustling to hit monthly sales numbers. (Just imagine me. Hair on fire. Running down the street. Arms flailing. — That’s what it felt like.)”

Fast forward now and Jen is “living my dream life in NYC with the love of my life Michael, traveling the world, interviewing the coolest people on the Inner Boss Podcast, and working with hundreds of the most tenacious, hardworking women inside the Pitch to Your Niche Community!”

Why I love Jen Casey

I have been obsessed with personal development, business, and marketing since I could remember. My first business was selling mexican candy out of my backpack in school. My second was selling Pokemon figurines in my neighborhood. I was off to a young start but as I got older I found myself being drawn to personal development seminars, motivational speakers, and anything that claimed to be healing. I was raised in East LA by my grandmother who sacrificed everything for my brother and I to have a better life. If nothing else, she has been the reason I try so hard to give that back to her somehow. Throughout the years I’ve come across everything from NLP, to body language, to experiencial excercises to change beliefs. For me Jen Casey kind of embodies all of the things I love about personal development.

Marketing and Social Media Updates
She teaches marketing strategies from a practical point of view without blowing smoke up your, you know. When IG or FB releases a new features she’s my go to person to find out how to implement it, in a way that feels authentic and serves my community. 

Mindset Mastery
She shares alot of great insigh on how to break false beliefs and create new mindsets that are in alignment with what you actually want. Sometimes she will even walk you through one so that you can do it at your own pace. 

For years I’ve watched David Snyder NLP on Youtube. If you haven’t check out his video “How to make someone love you in 20 minutes” this one is one of my favorites.NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind. We all carry our own personal dictionary to create context to words which create thoughts, emotions, and beliefs we live our life by. Jen talks bout NLP and how powerful it can be to change your life and best understand what your clients want. 

The Law of Attraction
I love that she talks about the law of attraction in a way that seems digestable. She doesn’t tell you to ONLY have certain thoughts but she really talks about what it is to be a human learning to master the lasw of attraction and the energy we emit moment to moment. 

Entrepreneurial Comfort
So often when running a business or having a vision for something bigger than  yourself, it can get lonely.  Usually  family and friends won’t understand the context of what you’re creating or simply don’t believe it’s possible. It’s nice to get a reminder that it is poissble and to keep trying. 

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