Latina Business Groups to join in 2019

2018 was filled with so many amazing mujeres collaborating, and creating more and more spaces for us to build connections, opportunities, and empathize with eachother’s challenges. Here are 5 groups, membership sites, or databases to join in 2019.

We All Grow Network

We All Grow Network was founded in 2010 originaly named Latina Bloggers Connect. Since then it has grown into a world wide network, We All Grow Summit, and newly opened “Changemakers Collective”

Latina Network - FREE to Join

Signing up for the #WeAllGrow Latina Network is easy – all you need is an email address! Everyone receives inspiration and opportunities for growth right in their mailbox. We encourage you to actively invite any amazing Latinas you know to join #WeAllGrow. Our growing community of over 4,600 Latinas is open and dynamic – a sisterhood of veterans as well as beginners and breakout stars – we know you will meet amazing new women when you join, but please don’t keep us to yourself! We know the power of Latinas and believe that when we connect there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

Changemakers Collective

#WeAllGrow Latina’s new membership group, the CHANGEMAKERS Collective, is your source for original content, digital tools, and an intimate community of Latina entrepreneurs, creatives and influencers. It’s your one-stop for access to the cumulative expertise of the #WeAllGrow Latina Network.


Try it free for 1 week, cancel anytime

We are Bold Latinas

BoldLatina was founded in 2017 to be a ‘meaningful’ digital media platform for Latinas. They are committed to investing in their readers, not advertisers. BoldLatina is one of very, very few Latina/x owned, operated and created media properties who pay talented Latinx.

BoldLatina Collective Member

Why Be A BoldLatina Collective Member? We have amazing stories! We believe in our Latina/x stories and believe in the reader and creator community – the content creators, writers and journalists who bring those stories to you.

Get These Paid Member Benefits:
-BoldLatina So Extra and BoldLatina SIS levels receive a free gift (Sorry piña not included 🍍)
-All members access our Private Group – a safe space to talk about the issues that matter to us and we may do some giveaways 🛍️
-Events – Online & Offline – Bringing you Latinx/a POC experts in mental health, entrepreneurship, technology and lifestyle!
-Cool discounts to our shop and what ever else we can think of!


Shop Latinx

Shop Latinx was founded by Brittany Chavez and Raquel García, when they first teamed up to create an Instagram account celebrating the stories of Latinx small businesses and entrepreneurs. “But, after an outpouring of support from across the country (our Instagram base has since grown to over 29k followers), Shop Latinx (SLx) has evolved into what it is now: an online movement dedicated to empowering Latinx-owned businesses and promoting Latinx entrepreneurship.” This amazing databasae has been featured everywhere from Latina magazine to We are Mitu and Remezcla.

Join the Directory

Shop Latinx offers a variety of services from directory submisions to social media posts and even sponsored blog posts.

Free, $79-$149/yearly

The Creative Wings Mastermind

Dari Luna’s Mastermind. I am a latina artist and a mindful creative coach. Dari Luna is an extension of me, a space where it’s vital to experience creative truth. I’m an eternal student and an intuition-follower. Here I invite you to hold onto your courage as it rises above the resistance that inevitably shows up when we attempt to do the work that matters most, the one that leaves the world better than how we found it.

You have been working alone on your business and projects. There are so many things to track and new heights to be reached on the journey to your DREAMS! But, there is a problem, we really aren’t meant to grow alone. Together is ten times better! When we don’t have a strong support it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed, get distracted and fall off the healthy habits wagon.

CWM is an intentional virtual space where you can find inspiration and the motivation to create a meaningful life through the combination of intuitive brainstorming, powerful content, soul accountability and personalized support (from me and the community) while walking the journey toward your vision. It’s a beautiful community!


Hire Women Agency

Hire Women Agency created by Hire Women founder Jocelyn De LeonSasha Pisterman, and Zaida Diaz. The three women are first-generation Americans of Mexican/Salvadorian, Argentinian, and Mexican descendants, respectively. With backgrounds in entertainment, tech, finance, corporate and digital having worked with Fuse TV, Jennifer Lopez, Dash Radio, DJ Skee, UCLA, Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), Centage, and more; they decided to combine their experience and a passion for pushing the agenda of female and multicultural representation in the corporate and mainstream worlds, to start the boutique agency. In their years of experience, the three women noted a strong lack of both female- and minority-focused branding and marketing campaigns that authentically spoke to young, multicultural audiences.”

Join the Hire Women Rolodex

We want to create visibility + opportunities to WOC in the workplace. It’s not just about connecting the dots, but to educate companies on the importance of hiring us.

Just launched January 2019, currently free to join.

What other collectives, groups, or databases should Latinas join in 2019?

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