Los Angeles Business Resources

The first thing I usually hear from new business owners is “Where do I find the resources to build my busines? How do I even start?” and there are so many especially in the era we are living in. Usually people either don’t think of turning to the city or feel intimidated of taking up space or bottom line just don’t know that these resources exist. I love sharing with people resources that I come across, here are a few.

Business Information & Training

Business Portal:
-A free portal to City resources for businesses

BusinessSource Centers:
-Free business consulting for eligible businesses

Access to Capital

Economic and Workforce Development Department Microloan Program
Email: [email protected] or call 213-595-7460
-Loans of $5,000-$50,000 for eligible businesses

Procurement & Contracting

The Contractor’s Handbook:
Click here to download
-A free guide on selling items to the City

Business Assitance Virtual Network:
-A free searchable database of procurement and contracting opportunities offered by the City. Register to learn about opportunities in your industry.

Contractor Development & Bonding Program:
-Free training to help businesses win City construction contracts.

City of LA Bureau of  Contract Administration Contractor Assistance Seminar:
-Free training for bidding on public works construction contracts.

Permits & Regulation Assistance

Office of Finance Business Registration Assistance:
-A business with $100,000 or less in gross receipts may apply for a Small Business Exemption from the required City business tax.

Department of Building and Safety Restaurant & Small Business Express Program:
-Case management assistance to facilitate the building permit approval process for small businesses.

Planning Department Beverage & Entertainment Streamlined Program:
-Case management assistance to facilitate the conditional use permits process related to alcoholic beverages and entertainment.

Bureau of Contract Administration Office of Wage Standards:
-Information on the requirements of the Los Angeles Minimum Wage Ordinance, including the provision of paid sick leave.

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