Social Media Trends for 2019

The new year is a great time to reflect on what worked in 2018 and set our intentions for what we want to create in the new year. I’ve compiled a few key trends to work with as you plan your 2019 digital marketing strategy and business goals. One thing I love about being more in tune with my intuition and feminine energy is the results I create when I can combine them with the latest features being offerred on diffrent platforms. Keep in mind to always be testing, to see what works and what feels good for you and your audience.


Every year video usage is increasing, and for 2019 not only will it continue to increase but audiences are expecting their favorite brands to share content that keeps them coming back. 

-Your audience is not just looking for any video but video that has purpose and is curated per platform. Have a clear intention when filming a video on what you want your audience to learn or take away from it. Once you decide on that, figure out if it should be a short video clip or a longer video. Don’t upload a Youtube Video to IG stories but you can instead, upload to Facebook or IGTV since it makes more sense for long form videos to live there. 

Become an early adopter of IGTV. I was recently invited to FB headquarters in LA and they couldn’t stop telling us how important it is to start taking up space on this platform. Think of it as a new social media platform and you want to be the first one to jump on board.

Go vertical! Video is starting to rotate and is becoming increasingly popular to film in this format. You can easily share clips on IG stories, Snapchat, and upload longer videos on IGTV.

Feminine Marketing

Do you remember growing up seeing commercials and ads that left you feeling icky? Where you can tell all they cared about was the sale? It felt aggresive and not in a good way. Marketing and building trust with your clients has shifted from masculine to feminine. What does that even mean? Feminine energy is attractive, magnetic, and draws people in. Keep this in mind when creating content. When we are connected to our feminine energy we can take intuitive and inspired action.We are patient with timing and trust that as long as we are following our inner guidance, we are always exactly where we need to be. How can you become magnetic? How can you create content that creates value in people’s lives? Consumers now have the freedom to search online, compare prices, and read reviews. They are looking for companies they can trust. So bring transparency to your story telling this year. 

Data Driven Marketing

Leading with feminine energy does not mean we don’t deal with numbers. When we lived in caves we worked collectively to gather grains, firewood, and other items that could support our community. Now that we are out of the cave we can continue to harness our natural power of gathering resources by collecting data, information, and insight. 

Tools to use:
-Social Media Insights
-Google Analytics
-SEO tools like MOZ or SEM rush

Data can support you in improving your customer experience with personalization and it can give you a route to create ads that reach the right audience. 

Social Media Stories

Learn to integrate social media stories into your marketing strategy. Stories can be engaging and are formatted to be vertical which makes for great user experience. There are over 400 million active stories a month on social media. Using stories can help humanize your brand by showing behind the scenes content, fun polls, countdowns, and live links to promotional products. Some of my favorite IG stories accounts are:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Know Your Platform

You don’t need to be on all platforms. Pick and choose 2 to focus on until you can expand to more. When you decide what platforms to focus on, then begin to use the language and content that is supposed to be used for that outlet. Don’t go on Facebook and use 50 hashtags, it turns poeople off and you’ll begin to lose your audience. Get really confident about the platforms you choose to be on. In 2019 people will be less tolerant of  brands that focus on quanitity and not quality.

What trends do you see coming in 2019?

I’m excited to see what we create this year as a community. What platform are you going to focus on?

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