The Art of Feminine Networking

Growing up I was always a tom boy, in fact I was the only little girl in a block full of neighbors and cousins that were all boys. Not to mention the only way I could connect with my Dad was when I acted like his oldest son, not his daughter. As I got older I began having a desire to become a feminine woman. I remember feeling embarassed, because I felt like I had to be tough, strong, and be a part of the boys club. When I first started playing with makeup I did it in secret in my room, when everyone fell asleep so that they wouldn’t know. Eventually I started wearing lip gloss and mascara, which might seem very simple but it felt like I had a huge arrow pointing at me. I had learned that anything that was associated to femininity was weak, shallow, and didn’t have substance. Little by little I started building the courage to learn about makeup. I ended up loving it so much I even became a professional makeup artist right out of high school.

Soon enough I learned that femininity really begins on the inside and radiates to the outside. As I started transforming my life I began to have more and more confidence to go after the things I wanted like being a business owner but when I began learning about marketing, networking, and sales I became frustrated with the aggressive tactics that never felt good or authentic to me. Not to mention they never got me the results I wanted, I even began thinking that I was bad at sales or even business. Through alot of trial and error I finaly began listening to my intuition and focused on relationships, authenticity, and offering quality products. To my surprise, I started closing clients,  getting referrals, and building trust that allowed me to upsell and keep clients long term. The more I healed that wounded feminine energy within me that was longing to come out, the better results I began having with clients, relationships, opportunities, and social circles. Today I continue to nurture my feminine energy and to unpack all the internalized machisco that had become a part of my subconsious beliefs. Now I’m able to look at tasks and ask myself, which energy do I need to lead with? Do I need to be action oriented and call on my masculine energy or do I need to lead with my feminine energy and trust my inner guidance? Living this way has become a game changer for me.  We are all dual beings but it’s finding that sweet spot that feels like our most authentic expression has been key for me and my clients. What energy do you feel more drawn to? Is it because it’s your natural energy or is it because you felt forced to by life experiences?

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