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BEVISIBLE ES LA PRIMERA SOCIAL NETWORK FOR U.S. LATINXS. We fuse the freshest ideas in social networking with content from the nation’s most influential Latinxs. BeVisible blends online journalism with the ability of our community members to share content, ask questions, and build professional profiles. BeVisible allows Latinxs to connect to peers, mentors, and resources — including recruiters from top universities and companies. En que creemos? WE CAN LIVE IN A WORLD … … without glass ceilings … without low expectations and rigid hierarchies … that embraces our traditions and our femininity … that celebrates our achievements and our desire to achieve … where women who look like us and speak like us are leaders, role models, and innovators … where we can succeed in any career we choose … where we influence those who come after us … where we can live and work with purpose … where we can crush it We can live in this world, but first we have to create it.

Since 2017, BoldLatina has been continually funded by dope Latina/x members like you who pledge annually or more to support our sustainability and growth! So few digital media platforms for Latinas exist that are ‘meaningful’, we want to be that for you, our reader. Here, at BoldLatina, we put our readers first, we invest in our readers, not advertisers. You believe in comunidad, so do we! We have amazing stories! We believe in our Latina/x stories and believe in the reader and creator community – the content creators, writers and journalists who bring those stories to you. BoldLatina is one of very, very few Latina/x owned, operated and created media properties who pay talented Latinx.
The Hire Women Agency was created on the idea that large companies and brands lack diversity and authentic connections to a millennial, multicultural audience. We are a group of diverse millennial women with a combined experience of over 20 years in the entertainment, tech, finance, corporate and digital spaces. Our mission is to bring a culture of diversity and inclusion to large corporations and non-profits in various industries by providing educational training, public outreach, and connecting qualified applicants with organizations.
Mission: To encourage and promote the development and advancement of all women in general, and Hispanic women in particular. Hispanic Women In Leadership (HWIL) is a service organization committed to promoting the advancement of Hispanics and women in the areas of education, professional interaction, leadership training, mentorship and the perpetuation of the Hispanic culture. In addition, the Hispanic Women In Leadership organization shall strive to provide a forum for addressing issues affecting the Hispanic community. is a community of communicators and business owners seeking to support, enrich and empower the experience of Latinas in business and the workplace. From those running their own enterprises to those just entering the labor force or sitting in the corner office, is dedicated to the fastest growing business community in the nation: Latinas.
You have worked really hard to get to where you are today. Your drive, talent and ambition keeps you moving forward, no matter what. At times, however, the road is paved with real challenges. The workplace can be isolating, with no one to turn to. Launching and growing a business can be daunting. And, managing your career, family and life can feel overwhelming. If only you had the roadmaps, the guidance, the resources, and the connections you need to have your ideal career and the life you dream of… Look no further. Latinas Think Big is here, for you.
Brittany Chavez and Raquel García, first teamed up to create an Instagram account celebrating the stories of Latinx small businesses and entrepreneurs. But, after an outpouring of support from across the country (our Instagram base has since grown to over 29k followers), Shop Latinx (SLx) has evolved into what it is now: an online movement dedicated to empowering Latinx-owned businesses and promoting Latinx entrepreneurship.
Suits, Stilettos and Lipstick (SSL) is an organization committed to empowering women and children to live a healthy, happy, balanced and purposeful life. We are dedicated to positively impacting individuals in both local and global communities. We accomplish this through self and professional development, mentorship, community outreach, advocacy, and leadership building.
#WeAllGrow Latinas are using our social influence collectively to empower each other and grow. We are proud, creative, influential and emprendedoras. FOUNDED IN 2010. BY LATINAS, FOR LATINAS.
The first leadership development company powered by a grassroots movement of women supporting women for career success. We specialize in multicultural women and offer all the resources and coaching you need to take your career to the next level. We will help you achieve your professional dreams and aspirations. We’ll help you be you, amplified! Our mission is to help increase female representation at the highest levels of decision-making in all kinds of organizations.

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